aji tchof titiz lmaghribi 😍🔥 | صور وفيديوهات مثيرة لتيتيز المغربي

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titiz m4ribi
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 تيتيز مغربي، تيتيز، زين بلدي، زين مغربي شهوة منو، الزين البلدي، الزين المليح، جمال تيتيزتيتزة زوينة، تيتيزة بلدية، مغربية تتيزة، واتساب

للإنضمام لمجموعة واتساب، عليك نشر هذا المقال مع أصدقائك سواءا على الواتساب، الفايسبوك، او غيرها من مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي🔥👌😍 .

·        مجموعة كلها فرح ومرح 😍

·        فتيات ونساء عربيات من كل بقاع الوطن العربي ❤

·        تعارف، حب ومودة 🔥

·        فيديوهات وصور يومية 👌

·        الدخول في علاقة جدية وغيرها من الاشياء الرائعة 💋

💖إنضم معنا الأن، شارك المقال مع أصدقائك وراسلنا على الخاص 

👌😎 للمشاركة، ستجد الروابط اسفل المقال 

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 أرسل لها رسالة على واتساب، فايسبوك الأن


You have finally decided to launch yourself in SEA (Search Engine Advertising) and more particularly on LinkedIn Ads. This article aims at guiding you, to manage your first advertising campaign successfully!

I- In theory

1) The interest of LinkedIn Ads

Is this the right social network for me?

Follow the list; if one or more of the criteria match you, you are on the right channel:

You are looking to recruit talent

You are a BtoC or BtoB company and you wish to reach a qualified audience of executives, managers, directors, company directors or students at the doorstep of the job market

You want to position yourself as an influencer in your sector by offering high value-added content (white papers, market information, webinars, articles, etc.)

You want to develop your BtoB market


2) Am I ready?

You can use LinkedIn Ads in a punctual way. However, it is better to integrate Linkedin Ads in a global strategy and be ready to run campaigns on the medium / long term to evaluate the real benefits (or not) of this lever and of your message. It is by testing, understanding your market and being reactive that you will be able to make a difference with your competitors.

The secrets of good preparation:

Think about the positioning of LinkedIn Ads in your digital strategy: do I use Linkedin Ads for acquisition, conversion or loyalty?

Once the positioning is defined, clarify your objectives (awareness or lead generation objective?), evaluate the time you have available and your resources so as not to be overwhelmed.

Define your KPIs: no visibility on your campaigns without measuring performance indicators. Here are some examples: for branding, you can choose to follow the evolution of the number of impressions, for lead generation the number of effective conversions.

Analyze your KPIs in a given period. After several campaigns, you will be able to compare your performance and define your success criteria. In short, it's all about continuous improvement by getting to know yourself and your environment.

Finally, Linkedin Ads is not a promise in itself. To run a successful campaign, you still need to have quality organic content. How can you do that? By staying simple and concise in its promise, by not overloading its banner. Your goal: to be readable and sexy at a glance. If your goal is lead generation, don't forget to include a visible call to action button.

In summary: don't overload and respect the 1200*627 format! If you are not inspired, think of zoning to not forget the essential elements.

3) Why invest in advertising on Linkedin?

To boost its visibility. You must keep in mind the business model of social networks and not forget that Ads are a remunerative model for these platforms. No social network will deliver you an optimal visibility without paying. If you do not do it, your competitors will.

To expand your lead generation possibilities by widening your scope. With digital, you are no longer limited to the physical world and can reach previously untouchable prospects.

After the theory, let's move on to practice.

II- In practice

You have created a LinkedIn Campaign Manager account that links your personal profile to the Ads account of your company page. Once you've done this, it's time to get started! Below are the highlights:

1- Define your objectives

As of February 2019, LinkedIn Ads offers an interface that starts with defining your goals.

It is for you to choose if you want:

Develop your reputation

Evaluate your community

Convert by generating leads

2- Targeting your audience

Targeting is a crucial step for your campaign for its strategic part but also for the definition of your budget. The more your audience is solicited, the higher the bids.

Linkedin advises you to fill in only 2-3 criteria to leave some room for manoeuvre that will be refined as the campaign progresses. The location is one of the essential criteria to fill.

3- Choose your budget and your program

Here is a reminder of the vocabulary to choose the way you would like to be billed.

CPM: Cost per thousand (pay per thousand impressions). Pay per thousand is optimal for brand awareness.

CPC: cost per click. The cost per click is done with the objective of acquiring leads.

In conclusion

Whether you run your campaign on LinkedIn or on other social networks, it is important to have a reflection beforehand by clearly defining your objectives and the way you will integrate this action into your global strategy.

It's also about generating quality content and reaching an audience that will be responsive enough to your content. In short, it will be a matter of thinking about the psychology of your prospects to understand what interests them, and in fact present yourself to them at the right time, in the right place.

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