Video complet fadiha Tanger 2021 ( صفع مـؤخرة امراة من طرف شاب بالشارع العام )

 Last night, social media witnessed a complete chaos that came against the background of the video that spread like wildfire among the pioneers of the websites, the video that shook the city of Tangier and exactly the “Boukhalef” area, where a young man recorded a video with his friends, showing through it and He sexually harasss a girl in the public street and in front of passers-by.

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فيديو فتاة بوخالف طنجة


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Click here to watch the video  --------- اضغظ هنا للانتقال لمشاهدة الفيديو


Against the background of this incident, the web pages and opinion holders on the virtual websites quickly circulated the tape, which created a state of denunciation and shock among many Moroccans, including the people of Tangiers in particular, as many citizens gave their personal views about what happened either with justification or condemnation. .

Many Moroccans rose in indignation, as many commented that “nothing justifies harassment, and that the mentality of some ignorant youth is still a barrier to our progress,” adding that “justice must take its course, so that the perpetrator will be punished for his act and be an example to others.” While others explained that “The harasser is a reckless young man and his action is justified, given the immodest clothes of the victim, which lack the moral foundations and traditions of Morocco as an Islamic country.”

In terms of security, the concerned authorities are still in the process of searching and excavating the date on which the video was recorded, after it was confirmed that the incident was located in the city of “Tangiers” in northern Morocco. The victim, in compliance with legal procedures and to complement and expand the search department.

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