your complete guide to master Linkedin ads in 2021 for scaling your business

In the era of digital communication, social networks are essential advertising channels. LinkedIn is present as an influential and powerful player for the growth of your business.

Regardless of your industry, your marketing campaigns will reach millions of users every day, including your target customers. With LinkedIn Ads, you create your own advertising campaigns to be distributed on the professional social network and you manage them according to your marketing approach. To do this, a LinkedIn Ads training course will give you control over your communication strategy.

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Linkedin Advertising complete guide 2021


Why is it essential to train for this purpose? What does the Linkedin Ads training contain and what does it bring you? We will also talk about the skills acquired at the end of it, the proposed methods, and its cost.


Why train in Linkedin Ads?

Advertising on the LinkedIn network is a powerful lever to optimize the visibility of a company and generate targeted traffic to its website. For this, it is important to master the targeting criteria of LinkedIn advertising campaigns. From this point of view, the training covers all the issues of a successful communication strategy: lead generation, customer loyalty, improvement of your company's reputation, and conversion of prospects into customers. The Linkedin Ads training allows you to learn how to create ads following the specific rules of social network campaigns. For an impactful and profitable result.


What do you learn from Linkedin ADS training?

Ongoing advertising on LinkedIn should now be part of every company's marketing strategy. For this, the platform facilitates the creation of advertising campaigns that you can broadcast at any time, and to all your targets. Linkedin Ads training allows you to learn how to master several campaign formats. Throughout the training, you will learn all the techniques to exploit the potential of the social network.

The different ad formats on LinkedIn

  • Text Ads: generate leads by improving traffic to your website and increasing your visibility to your target audience of professionals. These texts are distributed in the form of a short message of 100 characters, including a small visual.
  • Dynamics Ads: to create personalized advertising messages by retrieving data from profiles that have clicked on your advert. This allows you to be even closer to your target audience, to interact with their interests and thus increase the conversion rate.
  • Display Ads: These ads offer greater visibility, with reserved placement on LinkedIn profiles that have high traffic. Thus, with this format and presence, you have the exclusivity to be on the most popular profiles.
  • Sponsored InMails: through this format of an advertising campaign, your marketing strategy effectively bypasses the spam filters of your prospects' mailboxes. You also avoid saturated mailboxes. The campaigns via InMails allow you to send a message to the personal mailbox of the LinkedIn member who is part of your target audience. This way, the message is personalized and specific.
  • Sponsored Content: This channel boosts your organic content through ads that appear naturally in the feeds of your target audience. This format directly targets economic influencers.


Campaign management

  • Self-service advertising: In order to keep control over the budget allocated to advertising campaigns, the Linkedin Ads training provides all the basics to optimally manage your Ads on LinkedIn.
  • Delegated campaigns: The training also teaches you how to cleverly delegate the management of your campaigns. Indeed, the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions platform provides you with a team of marketing experts who will manage your ads according to your business objectives and your communication strategy.

Setting up the Campaign Manager

To ensure that your marketing activity on the LinkedIn platform fits all your communication strategies and business goals, the Linkedin Ads training teaches you how to monitor your metrics once your campaigns go live. The Campaign Manager dashboard allows you to create ads and manage the budget.

But also, it is a powerful tool that gives key indicators such as: the rate of searches specific to your brand, the rate of traffic to your site from LinkedIn, the number of views of the targeted pages and the time spent on each of these pages, as well as the number of subscribers to your newsletters and to the LinkedIn company page. This allows you to measure the performance of your company's campaigns and take steps to optimize them.


The importance of the trainer in a Linkedin ADS training 

The trainer is the pillar of the success of your training. His involvement, his expertise, and his pedagogical capacity will accompany you throughout your course. His knowledge of how social networks work is essential.

In addition, his skills in marketing strategy and communication are essential. Also, his clear vision on the fundamentals of community management is essential. This activity is the basis for the sustainability of the presence and reputation of a company on social networks.


Who can learn Linkedin ADS?

The Linkedin Ads training is for all professionals, whatever the sector of activity.

  • The marketing service to potentiate its targeting thanks to Linkedin Ads.
  • Members of the human resources department, to tame the communication campaigns in order to find the best profiles.
  • Communication professionals will find support to manage their LinkedIn company page efficiently.
  • But also, company managers use this channel to promote their development engine.
  • If you are a business creator, it will be useful for you to get trained in Linkedin, Ads to perfect the advertising promotion of your new business.
  • For BtoB and BtoC sales teams, Linkedin Ads allows to ensure a presence on social networks. This is possible thanks to an efficient community management program, as well as a social media strategy whose goal is to generate leads.


Skills acquired thanks to the Linkedin ADS training 

At the end of the Linkedin Ads training focused on the creation of advertising campaigns, you will know how to create your own ads following the commercial objectives you have set. You will also be able to optimally exploit all the features of the Linkedin Ads platform by maximizing the performance of your communication strategies. You will also know how to target your audience of professionals according to your commercial strategies and by making yourself the choice of content to sponsor. And finally, you will have complete control of the programming of the campaigns on the Linkedin Ads platform.


Linkedin Ads training: face-to-face or distance learning?

Distance learning

The Linkedin Ads distance learning course has the advantage of adapting to your availability and your schedule. The courses are given in a standardized way and available at any time.


Face-to-face training

The Linkedin Ads training is a vector that favors the interaction between each participant. This represents a real pedagogical advantage. Moreover, the trainer has the possibility to adapt his didactic objective according to the participants' needs. Also, the exercises of situation setting allow to concretize the approached concepts and to answer the evoked questions.


How much does a Linkedin Ads training cost?

The cost of the Linkedin Ads online training is generally around 300 to 700 euros for a variable duration depending on the training organization. Whether it is through an e-learning platform or by videoconference with an expert trainer, the content targets the Linkedin Ads campaign strategies and allows to optimize the digital marketing method.

As for the Linkedin Ads training, whether it is given individually or in a group, its cost varies between 1000 and 1500 euros with the possibility of being covered by the CPF or other financing solutions. The Linkedin Ads training sessions take place in a training center or within the company, for a duration of about ten hours.

Linkedin Ads training teaches you how to effectively manage your advertising strategies on the professional social network LinkedIn. From creating to managing your campaigns, from your LinkedIn company page. Where Google Ads offers a very broad advertising reach, Linkedin Ads targets users who are committed to developing social relationships by sharing the same interests: an audience of professionals who represent their company and are looking for new business opportunities.

Thus, the Linkedin Ads training brings you all the basics of creation and management of your advertising strategy in order to optimize the conversion of your prospects into customers. Whether the training takes place remotely or in person, it brings you a real added value to your marketing strategy. Interactions with the target audience are optimized and advertising campaigns are effective. So many reasons to follow the Linkedin Ads training.

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