Most awesome Arab countries, Do the opportunity to visit them


Tourism is one of the most important sources of national income for many Arab countries and many Arab countries' governments are making their utmost efforts to bring about development, revitalize tourism, and promote it. In this article, we review with you the most visited Arab countries of tourists, as the higher the rates of visitation in a country The more its fame increases, its revenues increase, and it takes its calculated position among other countries, and tourism is a front for the country in order to learn about its history, monuments and ancient monuments, and enjoy its bounties from the masterpieces of the views of the coast of the seas and oceans, here are the most Arab countries that have been recorded to visit the top of the tourists.


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most visited Arab countries

The state of Lebanon


The ranking of the state of Lebanon occupies the tenth rank in terms of the majority in visits to Arab countries, as Lebanon is famous for its picturesque nature and its steep mountains on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean, which are called the mountains of Lebanon, and has witnessed a great cultural and civilizational diversity over time, which made it a tourist destination, as it was called the Paris of the East. Its economy has a large percentage of tourism, which provides 120,000 jobs. According to statistics in 2015, the number of tourists in Lebanon annually reached one and a half million tourists, while Lebanon ranks ninety-sixth in the world ranking of most countries in tourism.


Tunisia republic



Tunisia is ranked ninth in terms of the most visited Arab countries among the tourists, as Tunisia has museums and ancient monuments and carries with it a long heritage that witnesses the succession of civilizations in it, and Tunisia is also characterized by wonderful beaches extending over 1200 km on the Mediterranean coast, and it also enjoys easily And the quality of its transportation by air, sea and land, and it also provides wonderful hotel tourism services and attracts a large proportion of tourists, and the tourism the sector in Tunisia provides about 160,000 jobs, and it is ranked eighty-seventh in the world, and the state of Tunisia receives more than 5 million tourists annually.


State of Jordan


The ranking of the country of Jordan comes to be the eighth in terms of the most visited Arab countries among the tourists, as it is considered a bridge linking the three continents of Asia, Africa, and Europe, which affected its civilization a lot, it has a large presence in medical tourism, as it ranks fifth in the countries of the world in this field, and Jordan has topography In addition to its preservation of ancient archaeological sites that make it an attractive cultural and tourist destination for visitors, the Kingdom receives approximately three million tourists annually and the tourism sector provides 72,000 jobs.




The Arab Republic of Egypt is ranked seventh in terms of the most visited Arab countries, as tourism is one of the most important means of national income in it, and the tourism sector provides more than a million jobs. Egypt is one of the most important places to attract tourists as it possesses a third of the world's monuments and maintains its ancient Pharaonic history and is distinguished With a large presence of ancient Egyptian antiquities, museums, temples and ancient neighborhoods that tell the heritage and history of the country, Egypt is also characterized by wonderful coastal sites on the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, and the chain of beaches and resorts extends on the coast of Bahrain, and enjoys easy transportation and great hotel prices due to the low price of the Egyptian currency against the dollar It receives roughly nine million tourists annually and is ranked seventy-fourth in the global ranking of the most visited countries.


State of Oman


The authority of Oman occupies the sixth place in terms of the most visited Arab country by tourists, Oman is considered a mediator between the eastern and western countries of the world, and it has stunning nature and amazing geographical terrain that varies between the plains and mountains, and the beaches extend along the coast of the Sultanate, where the coral reefs, dolphins and fish that the tourist enjoy Watched through diving, it also has ancient archaeological sites, and the Sultanate enjoys great security stability for the country, which provides security and comfort for tourists, and its global ranking is the sixty-sixth of the most visited countries in the world, and the tourism sector provides 53 thousand jobs, and receives nearly 2 million Tourist annually.



State Morocco

Morocco, West, sunset

The country of Morocco is ranked fifth in terms of the most visited Arab countries among the tourists. Morocco is distinguished by its abundance of ancient historical cities and its enjoyment of ancient archaeological sites that narrate the civilization of those countries. The shores of the State of Morocco extend over a stretch of 3500 km divided between a third of it overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and two thirds overlooking the The Atlantic Ocean, which makes it a major tourist attraction for tourists, Morocco receives nearly 10 million tourists annually, and it ranks sixty-fifth in the world ranking of the most touristy countries.


State of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabic

The State of Saudi Arabia is in the fourth rank in terms of the most visited Arab country by tourists. Saudi Arabia is a major site for religious tourism and attracts Muslim tourists from all over the world because of its religious position and great history where the two holy mosques, the Kaaba and the Mosque of the Prophet Muhammad are located, and they are of great importance in The soul of every Muslim is committed to the teachings of his religion and wishes to perform Hajj and Umrah. It also enjoys ancient archaeological sites, museums and beautiful tourist resorts near Jeddah, in addition to the nature of its picturesque islands such as the Farasan Islands, the tourism sector in Saudi Arabia provides nearly seven hundred thousand jobs, and it has a classification of 63 World's most visited country.




The State of Bahrain is ranked third in terms of the most visited Arab country by tourists, despite the small size of the country, but it has a large amount of archaeological sites, such as the Al-Khamis Mosque, which was built during the reign of the Umayyad state and remained a witness to history and others, in addition to the museums and beaches that extend along the coast The country, and tourists enjoy practicing various sports such as climbing, swimming and windsurfing, the tourism sector provides 32,000 jobs, and its global ranking is sixty in terms of most of the countries in the world tourism, and approximately one million and 200 thousand tourists visit it annually.




The State of Qatar is ranked second in terms of the most visited Arab countries by tourists, as it enjoys a wonderful view of the coast through the famous beach walkway, and there is the Al-Zubarah Castle and has been approved by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, and it also owns the ancient Museum of Islamic Art, which is one of The most important art archaeological museum in the region, and it has a wonders of wonders where the inland sea is located in the middle of the desert, and also includes the Pearl Island, which houses the marina yachts and a series of the most luxurious cafes and restaurants, the tourism sector in Qatar provides 79 thousand jobs and Qatar annually receives nearly three million It is ranked forty-seventh in the world ranking of the most visited countries in the world.




The UAE is on the top of the list of the most visited Arab countries and tourists flock to it, and the city of Dubai is the main factor in the country's tourism sector, as it is characterized by the presence of many monuments and terrain such as castles and mountains in addition to tourist attractions such as museums, mosques and palaces, and is famous for the establishment of many tourist festivals in the fields of Art and shopping, such as the Dubai and Ajman Shopping Festival, the Dubai Film Festival and the Dubai Classical Music Festival and there are many tourist resorts that provide great luxury and wonderful services to tourists, the UAE receives approximately 14.5 million tourists annually, and it is ranked 29 in the world ranking of the most visited countries.

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