Top 10 Turkish series you must watch according to ratings


In the past few years, Turkish soap operas have grown in popularity at a rapid pace and are broadcasted live in many countries of the world and in several languages. If you are a fan of Turkish series and want to know the best ones for 2020, in this article we will review the most beautiful modern Turkish series with high ratings

The list below includes top ten Turkish series.


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best Turkish series

1- The Dirilis Resurrection series: Ertugrul

Genre: action, historical fiction, adventure, drama, war

Dirilis: Ertugrul is the best Turkish series to watch in 2020 as it is considered one of the very important historical fiction stories in the Turkish drama industry. This TV series has not only received huge audiences in Turkey but also from other countries in the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

The story of the resurrection of Artagl revolves around a brave Turkish warrior in the thirteenth century named “Ertugal” also known as the father of the Ottoman Empire.

Although lead actor Engin Altan Dusiatan wasn't ready to play his role in this historical series at the beginning but time proved that he made the right decision.

So, if you are looking to watch a Turkish TV series with English subtitles to learn about the historical aspects of the Turkish people and their culture, then it might be the best choice for you. Season 6 of Dirilis: Ertugrul will be announced soon.


2- Afili Aşk series, The Love Trap

Genre: romantic, romantic comedy, comedy

Are you looking for a new romantic Turkish series? If yes, then you should watch Love Trap which garnered reviews for best Turkish series of the year.


You will love this romantic comedy series with its cute characters. In this Turkish series, Love Trap Burcu Özberk plays a leading lady who marries a rich “generous” man. Yes, sure, Caglar Ertugrul plays Karim.

In short, if you want to get rid of all daily worries and want to watch light romantic Turkish drama then love trap should be your first choice. We hope you will love to watch this Turkish series in 2020.


3- The series hero Şampiyon

Genre: action, suspense, and drama

Champion is a Turkish series with a sports theme. Even his trailer has become very popular among both Turkish and non-Turkish audiences. The story of this Turkish series revolves around a boxer called “Kafkas” who will have to quit boxing due to an injury. But he never stops loving boxing. He dreams of conquering the boxing ring again through his son.

It's a TV series worth watching, and according to Drama Gurus, he could be as famous as Ertugul because of its strong story and subject matter.


4- The Mucize Doktor series

Genre: drama, tragedy

Mujezat al-Tabib: This is one of the best Turkish series in terms of motivation for people with any disability. Yes, the story of Miracle Doctor revolves around a boy "Ali" who was born with a wild disease. Because of this disability, his father does not accept him as a family member, and he lives in several orphanages. But, finally, he completed his graduation in medicine and started his career as an assistant surgeon.


There is also good news for Taner Olmez fans because Taner Olmez plays an autism doctor in this Turkish series. Although it is a new Turkish series, almost every episode of this series of the best inspiring Turkish series will provide an unforgettable lesson in life.


5- The Protector

Genre: Sci-Fi, Action, Fiction

Hami also known as Hakan: Muhafiz in different parts of the world including Turkey. Surprisingly, this mysterious fictional series was highly appreciated by viewers of Turkish TV series around the world, which is why Netflix also opened its fiery first season in 2018.

If we talk about the cast, Cagatay Ulusoy's fans should be happy that he plays Hakan Demir who has special powers to fight dark forces. His friends also help him in other fights.

Since the first season was a huge success in 2018, it is expected that Turkish drama fans will love to watch the second season in 2019.


6- The series Don't Leave Elimi Birakma's Hands

Genre: Drama

Do not Give My Hands is a romantic Turkish series, so if you are a fan of erotic love stories, Don't Let Go of My Hands is the best Turkish drama series you should watch.

The story revolves around a girl "Azra" who wants to be a good chef like her father, but after her father dies by accident, she is in shock.


7- Kuzgun series

Genre : Action, Romance, Drama

Kuzgun is one of the newest Turkish series on our list. Radically, the story of this TV series is about the policemen and their families. Someone cheated with another friend, took a bribe, and misled management against a sincere friend. Later, Joseph's boy came to take revenge, and his name was the crow.


Moreover, if you want to explore more about this romantic Turkish drama series afterwards, we recommend that you watch it with English subtitle. You can also use the original version if you can understand the Turkish language.


8- The Hercai series

Genre: Drama, Romance, Action

Hergay - the brand new and latest Turkish TV series

Hergay is a new Turkish TV series, starring Akin Akinuzu as Miran who starts marrying Ryan's daughter to take revenge on his parents.

It's hard to predict what is going on next in this exciting TV series, but it is the right choice in terms of spending quality time in front of TV screens.


9- The Cocuk Boy series

Genre: drama, family, emotional

The Boy series is a family-oriented Turkish series where the daughter of a prostitute mother named “Akka” wants to raise her son the right way. In this regard, she gave her son for adoption to a well-known and rich family. However, this development comes to the story when the foster mother of Ibn Akko expects her child.

In short, it is a family-centered but mysterious story where you will see how things change after revealing the facts of different mothers.

In addition to that, the cast is also amazing, and fans of Turkish drama will be able to see Ismail Hasoglu, Nazan Kisal and Sarhat Tioman in this Turkish TV series.


10- Erkenci Kus

Genre: comedy, action, romance

Whether you understand Turkish or not, then you will love to watch this Turkish comic TV series. However, this show is best viewed using English dubbing or subtitles.

A quick-witted story is about a Saneem girl who has two options to marry or find a suitable job. Although her dream is to become a writer, her parents do not trust her skills.

Overall, it is a beautiful romantic TV series with many comedies.

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