These are the Secrets your man keeps hiding them on you


Secrets sometimes become a burden on the soul, but even this does not oblige the person to reveal them. All are women and men, they have beliefs, and they keep secrets that they do not want to reveal what it is, and that secret may be something that a person is ashamed of revealing, or a risk that leads to unveiling it to the abyss.

In a report published by a Russian site, Lazareva Valeria talked about the most secrets that men hide from women:


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I do not just look at you

The man looks at other girls, others than his partner. Sometimes, it just doesn't take a few seconds, and it doesn't necessarily mean he's falling in love with another girl. Some men may look at others without shame, not denying this fact, and do not feel guilty about such behaviors that may anger their wives.

This type of man does not mind staring at another woman, and he does not consider this an inappropriate matter or disrespect his woman. Accordingly, the bearer of these traits should not enter a relationship at all, especially since he does not see a problem in publicly declaring his love for others.

It is not considered indecent or disrespectful to his woman


I never want to get married

Some men do not want to marry, but they change their minds only because their fiancées insist on entering into a formal relationship. And after years of official engagement, they experience remorse, which may push them to act childishly and return home at late hours and may destroy the family and lead to divorce.

Some of them do not conclude the idea of ​​not liking their wife until after entering into a formal relationship.


I don't like you

Some people do not conclude the idea of ​​not liking their wives until after entering into an official relationship, and the passage of a period of time without turning the feelings that bring them together into love, this deep feeling that drives a person to do anything for the lover. However, despite the man realizing the fact that he does not have feelings for his wife, he is afraid to admit it, believing that doing something similar harms his wife's feelings, and this emotional apathy may last for years.

A man may continue with his old relationships even if he starts a new life with his wife


I still love my ex

Some men have a hard time moving beyond the past and burying former loved ones in it. In this sense, a man may continue to fall in love with his old girlfriend even if he starts a new life with another wife. Despite his deep feelings, he fears a confession that could lead to a scandal.

In fact, the advice to enter into a new relationship in order to bypass the previous girlfriend is one of the worst advice that might be given to some, because that may harm the new one. One should first move beyond the past and then focus on new relationships.

Men do not fight to win a girl, contenting themselves with whoever is standing next to them at that time


I want to get involved with someone else

Some of them are not fighting to win a girl, contenting themselves with the girl standing next to them at the time. However, men should be cognizant of the fact that happiness cannot be attained by using another person for personal gain. On the other hand, the girl does not doubt that she can be used as a backup woman, she will be abandoned as soon as someone better than her appears.


I do not like your mom

Some men are terribly annoyed by the frequent visits of their mothers-in-law. Although it was customary for women to struggle to deal with their mothers-in-law, things are different today. A man may try to hide his negative feelings towards his mother-in-law, but a woman can notice the presence of tensions between them, which requires her intervention to maintain peace between them.

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