List of the best Arabic songs you should listen to in 2020

Do you need some positive energy? You want to set an Arabic party and you need music for it, If you keep this list always with you, we have compiled for you a list of the best and most beautiful Arabic songs throughout history, both old and new ones:

best arabic songs

Edited: 06/11/2020

Niya - Manal 

This song has been published by the singer Manal, It shows the sacrifice of the Moroccan women for the love, in another side, how big men are players nowadays, in the end this song obtained a huge success in a few days.


1. Hawa Hawa - Samira Saaed

Superstar Samira Saeed chose to refresh and delight us with the song "Hawa Hwa" from her new album. The song is so full of oxygen that it spread like wildfire on social media, whether the original version or all the fans who registered themselves singing the song expressing their joy for it.


2. I am here - the beloved of the Arabs

"Arab Idol" stars have remixed the song "let it go" "from the movie" Frozen "in Arabic version with a performance full of energy and life.




3. And the life of my heart and its joys - Abdel Halim Hafed

Very old song, and who did not sing this song after passing an exam? A song full of celebration of achievement and pride in fulfilling wishes.




4. This start still remains

Whenever Algeria football team wins, the radio and television broadcasts sing this song.



5. I am with my friends hanging out - Papillon

And we remain in Algeria with the young and widespread group "Babylon", known for its many sad clips, but this is an oasis of happiness that deserves to be played.




6. Hakawa – Asma Almnawer

"Oh God with us, let’s live a night and live a day" is a song that is full of activity, energy and happiness from Asma Al-Munawar. Play it and try to stop yourself from dancing!



7. Libyan joy

Another Asmaa Al-Munawar song not only for Moroccan joy, but also for Libyan joy.



8. Al-Dunya Rabi '- Souad Hosni

We always stay in the beautiful times, with the song "earth life is spring, and the weather is fresh" by the Arabic screens cindrella, Souad Hosni




9. Why are we upset?

Why angry and sad? Why upset? This is how Wael Jassar and Amal Maher admonish you, in a duet that they compiled, entitled "Lashua Nazal"




10. I love elegant people

We stay away from the anxiety and sadness, close to the songs of Raya, everyone loves Raya songs.




11. oh god what a rest!

When the Moroccan relaxes after a long period of fatigue, he throws himself on his bed and says with a long breath, "Oh god what a rest."

The Moroccan song with this name takes you back to the beautiful time, a time that is less stressful and nerve-racking, and more enjoying in the present moment.



12. Don't you sing my heart

Sometimes due to the great joy, we feel that our heart wants to sing. The heart of the late artist "Muhammad Al-Hayani" asked his friend to sing, and he said to him, "Sing. If you do not sing today, when?" Then came the song "When My Heart sings?"



13. It's Life - Cheb Khaled

"C'est la Vie" or "It is Al Hayat" in French, a song from the performance of "Cheb Khaled" and the distribution of the international producer "Red One", and try to prevent yourself from jumping and dancing while hearing it.



14. Encourage your dream - Nancy Ajram

On the occasion of the World Cup, the vitality of "Nancy Ajram" and the smile of "Cheb Khaled" came together to give this beautiful song which they called "Encourage your dream."



15. The world is sweet - Nancy Ajram

Nancy Ajram's song is an opportunity to change our negative outlook on life and wear brighter glasses, so that we may actually realize that life is sweet.



16. Good night. Good night

Sabouha did not miss an opportunity to celebrate life and its most beautiful moments. Its archive is full of happy songs. We chose for you, "Our night is good, our night".



17. Drums - Myriam Fares

Myriam Fares did not want her wedding to go ahead without sharing her joy with her fans, and so it was, so the song "Taqa Al Drum" was released to celebrate the happy endings of the two lovers' stories.




18. Congratulations - Belkis

Belkis, in turn, shared the real atmosphere and real joy from a real wedding in the song "Congratulations".



19. Jinak bhai

This is one of the most-watched songs in the Arab world, as long as it provides us with all this energy and burning enthusiasm.



20. I love you and others, you are my nobody

Hussam Hussein re-arranged his famous song, but this time with one of the most prominent independent art icons in the Arab world, Amir Eid, the singer of the "Cairokee" team.




21. I will be better

Everyone's wish is to be better. Therefore, the hymn of “Asir Hassan” came to the Kuwaiti ambassador for happiness, Hammoud Al-Khader.

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