The 10 Steps that worked with me to forget the person I love

How to overcome love from one side in ten steps?

One-sided love pushes the lover to live in a state of addiction to isolation, depression, loneliness and social separation, and for this, here are the ten steps to pass the feeling of unloved,  and this based on my story and how I forgot totally the girl I loved and she didn’t love me back.

how to forget who i love

Love from one side is one of the harshest feelings that a person can live That is, if he feels love towards another person, and that person does not exchange the same feelings for him, he is confused about what he will do later, how he will speak in front of her, and how he will attract her attention, and usually this person may be shocked by not paying attention to him at all, not for anything, but only because the other side, may be living in special circumstances that prevent her of feeling the same, and it’s not always about looks, she maybe associated with another person, or focusing on her work or studying more, the important thing in the matter is that the one who loved, will live in a situation that may lead him to a kind of addiction to isolation, depression and loneliness, and it may mean to his social separation about what is around him, and this may be reflected in his results in study or work, and for this, he must know how to get rid of these feelings that may lead him to failure and lose a lot of opportunities.

This can also be useful for girls, but in many cases, we see that the guys who put in such situations a lot. So, let us answer the question that says: What were my steps to overcome the one-sided love in a short time:

The ten steps to overcome the feeling of love:

1- Re-know yourself more and build your dignity:

The person who wants to get rid of love from one side must return to knowing his personal identity, what his strength points, and what his weaknesses, who he is, , and why does he love another person who does not love him back or is seen as just a friend? A person must know very well that there are limits in his personality, here is a red line of respect for a person to himself, and if it is cut This streak will eventually lose a lot of love for himself. He must know that he is a completed person who does not have lack in anything.

Otherwise, try to focus on yourself, and your happiness, and be sure that if your happiness was in that person, you wouldn’t be in this situation of one side love.


2- Put yourself in the place of the other side:

One of the tricks that helped me a lot, meaning that you understand the position of the other side in not exchanging feelings of love with you, he may be in a state of love with another person, or he may not share the same interests with you and not feel the connection with you, so everyone has his taste in looking at things and life stuffs, And people may disagree on that, and there is nothing wrong with you or the other side. Rather, it is the nature of people.

3- Focus your attention on the work that interests you a lot in order to forget this beloved one:

You should occupy yourself by focusing on the concerns that are important to you, whether it is on the professional, academic, or family matters, so try to do your best in this field for the purpose of forgetting this person you loved, then you should adopt a very important conviction, that you always deserve the best in your relationships and within your whole life.

You only deserve the best

 4- Return to your old relationships, have fun with other friends:

A person who wants to get rid of feelings of love towards another person must try to find some things that distract him from thinking about him, and for this he must return to his friends and occupy himself with them, if it is through parties or trips, or other entertainment programs that will help him, try to get rid of free time, which may increase your suffering in thinking about the person who you loved.

5- Always try to look happy, especially in front of the one you love:

 it might happen to you to be with the one you love in one of the places, whether it is your colleague at work, or it was because of a mutual friend, or for any other reason, then you should always look happy and great, so try to control Feelings are very important in dealing with this situation, so do not turn to depression, sadness, or excitement, which largely indicates a state of emotional imbalance in which you live.

6- Do not lose face in front of the person you love:

Many people lose the state of equilibrium and control for which they spent a lot of time the moment they see the one they love, so they start to care about them in an exaggerated manner, or smile at him for or without a reason, and this matter will lose him the purpose of the actions he tries to do it all the time, so the person who wants to forget the beloved oen must maintain his composure and focus, and deal with this person naturally and tactfully, just like any other person in the session.

7- Do not look at yourself as an unlucky person: 

Instead of making yourself unlucky, simply try to find positive points in leaving this person, as always for every action, action, or performance there are two aspects, one positive and the other negative, if you try to Avoid the negatives and focus only on the positive things that may increase your happiness in your life, you have to see yourself as a person of value, and if you do not find your happiness with this person, you will surely find it with another person.

8- Try to think about the weaknesses and defects of the person you loved:

Although this act is not desirable in human relations in general, but let us try to benefit from the science of politics here and perhaps what Machiavelli said in his famous sentence “The ends justifies the means”, then you should try to find those things and qualities that you do not like in this person and are alienated from them, as they may be your guide to getting rid of loving him/her.

9- Learn to feel grateful for what you have:

Contentment is always said to be a treasure that can’t be denied, and actually to thank God for what you have is a sound procedure for feeling happy, of course this does not mean that we kill our ambition, but we should try but to feel what we have, and being thankful because of it, and this applies. In relationships as well, we must try to feel proud and grateful for your existence, and the feeling and conviction that this situation will not continue, sooner or later you will find that person who will share your life with you and be a support for you.

10- Reconstruct, Find someone who shares your love: 

move to the stage that and try to rebuild your relationships and your life again, and try to find that person who can be somewhat beside you for the rest of your life and at the same time share your love and partnership, again on you To be convinced that you are not alone and that there are always people who will share your life and be with you, and all that is required in conviction and self-confidence.

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That was one of the most useful advices and tricks that helped me to get out of the one-love side situation, and can also help you, I can feel what you’re feeling right now but be sure that this period will pass as soon as you look up at the real love, your parents’ love to you, your family’s love to you and finally your friends’ love to you.

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