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 Basic informations

Safae Hbirkou, name in Arabic (صفاء حبيركو) was born in 1990 in Kenitra, Morocco, she’s Moroccan nationality.

Safae is Musulman, she is working as actress and model, her height is about 1.71m and weight is 55kg, she got married in 2017 with the Moroccan businessman whose name is Mehdi Shukrad. In 2020 she had two beautiful twins with him.


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Safaa Hbirko won the title of the most beautiful lady of Morocco in Kings’ love festival in Sefrou city, and since then she became popular by appearing in some TV ads, and a number of fashion shows on the pages of Moroccan magazines.

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- In 2012, she entered the world of acting, starting with her first role in the comedy film (Switcher), which was broadcasted on YouTube, and then the Moroccan channel 2M, which is produced by the telecom company Inwi.

- In Ramadan 2014, she co-starred with the role of "Soukina" in the drama series "Zina" on the Moroccan channel 2 (2M).

- In Ramadan 2014, she appeared in an advertisement for a Moroccan real estate product for the company (Al-Duha) with Moroccan singer Saad Al-Majared.

- In Ramadan 2015, she played the title role (Mina) in the series (Wa3di) with the actor Oussama Bastaoui, which was broadcasted on the Moroccan Channel One, and it was a successful work which opened her the door to great fame with the Moroccan public, this series that had won the title of the best Moroccan series in a poll of The Moroccan magazine “My Lady” during a rate conducted by its readers and Safaa Hbirko won the best actress for the year 2015 in a poll for the same magazine, where she was unanimously voted for by the readers who voted for her to get the title of best actress in the Moroccan series shown.

- In Ramadan 2016, then the show of the second part of the series (Wa3di 2).

- In 2016, she appeared in an advertisement for the hair shampoo brand “Head and Shoulders” as an advertising face with Moroccan broadcaster Maryam Said, Egyptian actress Amina Khalil and broadcaster Aime Sayyah.

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In 2018, Safaa Hbirkou went through the experience of presenting programs by presenting the program “Lalla La Arousa” season 12 with actress Dounia Boutazout, instead of the actress Fatima Khair. And Abdullah Deedan, then the actors Aziz Saadallah and Khadija Asad, then the actors Fatima Khair and Abdel Samad Moftah al-Khair.

Safaa Hbirko married a Moroccan businessman Mehdi Shkrad in 2017, and she released a song to celebrate this occasion.


Artistical works


Switcher (2012), Zina (Ramadan 2014), Wa3di (Ramadan 2015), and Wa3di (Ramadan 2016).

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Lalla Al Arroussa - Season 12 (2018).

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