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Fati Jamali, her real name is Fatima Zahra Jamali lives in Morocco and she have also a Moroccan nationality, was born in 1988. she is working actually as an actress, and beauty queen candidate, she acts in Arabic series and movies, her first work was in 2013.

Fati Jamali is married, her height is about 1,75m and her weight is 62kg.


Fati jamali فاتي جمالي


Fati Jamali, Moroccan actress. She won the title of most Beautiful woman in Africa in 2013 and won the title of Miss Arabia in 2014. She participated in the series (One Thousand and One Nights), which is starring a group of the brightest small-screen stars in the Arab world. She also participated as an anchor in the famous landfill program (Ramez plays with fire) presented by Egyptian actor Ramez Jalal, which was filmed in Morocco and was shown on (MBC Egypt) and (MBC) in Ramadan 2016.

Fati jamali

Fati Jamali decided to adopt a Syrian girl named Maha, aged one year and two months. And take care of her after she immigrated with her parents to Beirut in Lebanon. After they were displaced from the northern countryside of Aleppo, fleeing the war in Syria. It has undertaken humanitarian initiatives towards a number of orphaned children in Morocco and is preparing to undertake the same initiative in Lebanon in the coming period.


In a distinctive look, she appeared on the red carpet of the 69th Cannes Film Festival, in the Moroccan caftan festival, carrying the flag of her country, Morocco.


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