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 All information about the Moroccan singer Dounia Batma, a full biography and her life story, her personal card, her work, and upcoming projects, her lifestyle and family, her marriage, many secrets about her life that you’ll know for the first time, her talents and hobbies she loves to do, her favorite food and her example in singing, keep reading to know everything about Dunia Batma.


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Special infos about Dunia Batma


Her full name is Dounia Hamid Batma, was born on April 1, 1991, so she’s actually 29 years old (2020).

She was born in Casablanca, Morocco, and she’s Moroccan nationality

Dounia Batma is a Muslim person, her husband is Turkish, his name is Muhammad al-Turk.

She weighs 60 kg, and measures 164 cm in height.

Her Hair color is dark brown, and eye color is brown.

She studies Tourism in university and started her artistic career in 2010.

Dounia confessed that she likes swimming, daily exercise, and running.



Donia Batmeh's songs

Series songs: The Moroccan TV series Ocean - The Shahrazad Salon - the Kuwaiti series Khawat Dunya.


Songs and albums: Why are you absent - Today your father - Khalouni - Peace - Ayesh Gharib - Badri - Mant Rayeq - Lafkaro - Greatness on Greatness - Honey Hanni - Ah, Moon - Meziane and Waar - Morocco, our Maghreb - Chinese love - Jealousy - Dance - Nawin Niyyah - you taught me .


Secrets, life story and biography

Childhood story


A Moroccan singer, born in Casablanca in 1991, from a large and well-known artistic family, the Moroccan Batma family, her father is the artist Hamid Batma, brother of one of the founders of the legendary Moroccan band Nass El Ghiwane, and the late Mohamed Batma, one of the famous symbols of the famous singing art, and the cousin of the artist Khansa Batma and the artist Tariq Batma.

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She started singing when she was six years old, and her father heard her beautiful voice and realized his daughter's talent, and helped her enter the world of art when she was young, by her work on stage, he always encouraged her, and asked her to sing to him and listen to her, as she has a beautiful and strong voice that touches the hearts of the listener, She did not study music or singing, but graduated from the Faculty of Tourism, then chose the competition program Studio 2M to participate in.


Dounia Batma, دنبا بطمة

Her artistic beginnings in singing:


Her artistic career began with singing when she participated in the competitions program Studio 2M in her country in Morocco, but she could not win, so she joined the "Arab Idol" season 1 program in 2011, when the judges heard her, they were so impressed with her voice that Ragheb Alama called her Princess of Arab Idol, And although she did not reach the finals and won the title, she continued singing and decided to release her first song in the Moroccan dialect called (Alash Absent) in 2011, in 2012 and for the following year in a row, she presented three Gulf songs named (Salam - Khilouni - Ayesh Gharib), Then she became an artist with a lot of followers, as the number of her followers on Instagram reached 3 million followers in 2018.


She was ranked second in the famous Arabic competition program, Arab Idol in 2011. Everyone was dazzled by her voice, and the accuracy of her singing of other songs, and she was admired by everyone who listened to her even the contest judges, who made the producers flock to produce her songs, and she also expressed her love to Art and singing a lot, although it is forbidden, but she thinks that there are things that are more forbidden things than singing, and that she will correct that error with time, and she claims God will forgive her for this sin, which is her love for singing.


Dunia Batma divorced her husband, Muhammad al-Turk, after his illness:

Dounia Batma husband


After revealing her husband's illness, rumors chased her from every direction, and this caused her embarrassment and entered her into a great psychological depression, despite her sister's denial of all these tweeting rumors, but the rumors did not stop her, until the rumor of her divorce from her husband appeared.


It is clear that the artist has become fed up with all those rumors and the many questions surrounding her about her relationship with her husband, which made her come out threatening many of the spreaders of the abusive rumors that she will hold them all accountable, especially after the story of her husband's illness, which her sister went out and denied.

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Her personal secrets and relationships

As for her personal life, she married Mowafaq al-Turk, her business manager is known as Muhammad al-Turk, the father of the young singer Hala al-Turk, she got married in 2013 and had a young daughter in 2017 named Ghazal.


Muhammad al-Turk disease:


The Bahraini producer, Muhammad Al-Turk, was diagnosed with cancer, and his wife did not show any comment, picture, or report about that, so everyone confirmed that she had moved away from him because of his illness, but her husband went out confirming that his wife did not move away from him, but rather he wanted not to disclose this disease nor Talking about him, on the contrary, she went through a very bad psychological state, and he wanted not to show her weakness to people, not to publish any publications about his illness, and confirmed that 90% of his treatment was psychological, so he asked her to continue the treatment in a normal manner and without spreading sadness around.

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