this what makes a Man sexy and attractive to women

Being attractive ... isn't that what every man seeks to become when he sets out to study the relational domain and that of seduction? Certainly.

A question remains, however: What makes a man attractive and sexy? What are the character traits to adopt to be the image of a sexy man? This is what I invite you to reflect on today in the form of characters in seduction and attractiveness.

Today, I would like to talk from my point of view as a girl who has met a lot of guys outside, I will also try to combine the girls’ opinions in order to give these criteria more credibility and significativity.

Physical characteristics

1) Nice eyes

What constitutes nice eyes? Eyes that have something in them. Whether be it confidence, warmth, mischief, intelligence or innocence, they need to be eyes with soul in them. Eyes you want to look into, because they express a lot. Not “dead” eyes with no words.

In general, we look for men with talking eyes not silent and pale ones.

handsome eyes, man eyes, innoncent eyes


2) A nice physique and shape

I’d be lying if I said this doesn’t contribute to a man’s attractiveness. A nice physique suggests a man who is strong, motivated and confident. In addition, it’s just very aesthetically pleasing…. wide shoulders…..strong arms… .

man body, best man shape, attractive body, sexy shape

3) Nice hair

I mean hair that is cared for. It can be messy (my preference J) or well groomed, but it must be clean and vibrant. Again, it suggests confidence, personal care and hygiene.

4) A nice smile

Either mischievous, warm or kind.

Smile plays a huge role to make the girl more interested into you.

smile, smile on, man smile, pretty smile, men smiling

5) A well-dressed man

Not skateboard dudes… MANLY style. ESPECIALLY tuxedos. It suggests class, elegance, confidence, manliness…. Seriously. You can’t go wrong with a classic tux.

well dressed, well dressed man, beautiful disaster clothing

6) His voice

This is actually a big one. It reveals a lot about your personality. Deep, slow speakers sound nice. Fast speakers? Not as much. Yet again, this suggests how mature and confident you are.

Non-Physical characteristics

1) Confidence

This makes you 1,000 times hotter. Moreover, I don’t mean fake confidence. I mean a guy who is self-assured, knows what he wants in life and knows how he will get it. A guy who doesn’t need to fake his confidence, but a guy who has it, because he’s done things to gain it.

2) Maturity

A guy who knows that his education is important. A guy who knows that his family is important. A guy who knows his girlfriend is important. A guy who knows his pet is important. A guy who understand his priorities, and knows how to balance them with grace.

3) A sense of humor

A guy who has that spark in his eye and understands the funny side of life. A guy who can laugh at the irony of a difficult situation. A guy who prioritizes well-being, and knows that laughter is one of the key points of life. A guy who can make a girl laugh truly…

4) Respect

A guy who cares for others. Who tries to make others smile. That guy who offers to do things for you, just to make your life easier. This type of guy respects everyone, because he understands their value as a human. He respects the environment, and he respects all living creatures. He knows that everyone has baggage, and he tries to treat everyone with ease and connect with them in a friendly way.

5) Intelligence

Last but certainly not least. A guy who is intelligent is a guy who cares about more than his own ass. A guy who knows about the world, who knows about politics. This type of guy will have more understanding for you. A guy who forms his own opinions. He usually has his values and morals in check.

Therefore, here are some characteristics that constitute a sexy/attractive man. Most of these reveal a lot about your personality and attitude, rather than genes. Most of them can be achieved. And, I mean anyway…. if you have all 5 of the personality ones, I guarantee you someone is soon to fall in love….


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