4 powerful Steps of How to seduce and pick up older woman 👌


All right, you’re horny. It looks like a lot of you have been watching too much American Pie lately and can’t get over the idea of fucking Stifler’s mom, because pretty much 30% of my DMs are messages from people asking me how to get with milfs.

But you know what?

I used to wonder the same damn thing and you know me…, I did not just think about hooking up with milfs. I actually went out there and tried getting some action.

During my little experiments I learned one thing – getting hot women in their 30s or 40s is extremely difficult at first, but it becomes relatively simple once you learn how they think and practice a few times.

Sound good? So let’s teach you the powerful steps and tips that can extremely help you to seduce your old woman crush.

How can I seduce and attract old women when I am just a young boy?


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#1- Be positive and charismatic

Let’s be honest about the fact that 99% of people in this world will find a shitty partner, work a shitty job and live a shitty life and then they’ll just fucking die, rot, and their molecules will scatter into the universe. That’s just how it is.

Chances are that your dream-milf is one of those people as well and she is dying to escape that misery.

That’s why being positive and charismatic is extremely important. You want to make her feel like if she gets with you, she will be able to forget all her problems. When most people grow up, they will lose their youthful spirit and will turn into robots.

You have to take her back to those times when she was 20 years old and didn’t have a single worry.


#2 – Be straight-forward

Unlike younger girls, older women really appreciate it when the person is straight-forward. Do not try to play any cheesy pick-up games, because I can guarantee you that every milf will see through it.

Have you ever had a girl that was really into you, so you said: «Cool, she’s into me, so I can start pushing it a little bit more?” In addition, after you started being excessively flirty, the girl you thought would be choking your chicken every day unexpectedly lost interest.

That’s because younger girls don’t really know what they want, they like playing games. They like drama and they like to be fu**ed with. However, more experienced girls know exactly what they want and they want you to show them that you are on the same page. Therefore, if you ever feel like you might have a chance with a hot mom, speak your mind, be flirty and make dirty jokes, because unlike young girls, older women can take it.

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#3 – Strategically show your maturity

What do I mean by that?

Simple… listen up. When people get older, they usually start thinking that everyone younger than them is dumb and has nothing to offer. As soon as a milf sees you, she will assume the same thing and you have to break this perception of you. Nevertheless, there is one exception.

There are some milfs that have a thing for inexperienced and innocent guys. You will just have to use your best judgment to find out which type you are dealing with and then show different parts of your personality accordingly.

Now, I am obviously not telling you to fake your levels of maturity, but… you know…you might be mature in some way and immature in another.

Just make sure you that you are displaying the best parts of your personality in a specific scenario.

However, you should ALWAYS dress maturely. This will show your potential MILF that you

care about yourself, and rather than seeing you as a child, she'll actually see you as an actual romantic interest.


#4 – Make her feel valuable

The biggest inner issue that older women struggle with is if they are still sexy.

This is great news for you!

Older women will appreciate the opinion of younger men more, because in their opinion, they can’t compete with girls in their 20s.. If they only knew…You don’t even need to over-compliment her or do any dumb shit like that.

Experienced women are very good at reading your body-language, so if you start looking deeply in their eyes with a little smirk – you know, looking like that emoji you send to girls when you talk about sexual shit – they'll know that you are currently visualizing having sex with them and they won’t even be bothered.

You should also never make her feel like she is older than you. Whenever you talk to a mommy, you should talk to her as if she is your little girl. That is the only way you’ll get her to sleep with you, because as soon as you make her feel old, you will be viewed like a little boy and not like a potential sexual partner.


So these were the main four points. Don’t forget – the most important thing is to make her feel like there’s no difference between you and her.

To be honest, most hot older women miss that adventurous lifestyle they had growing up and YOU can give her a little glimpse of it. Men her own age cannot - but YOU can.

You are dealing with women that might have some serious issues in their life and all they want is a person who will make them feel better for just a quick moment.

So good luck, go out there, practice and enjoy that vintage vagina. Oh and try not to ruin too many marriages while you are at it.

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