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What is the brutal truth of being single?

You wake up, make yourself a cup of coffee and finish it by reading a magazine, a book or a newspaper.

You go to the grocery store, and you pick out everything you need. You want a steak? Sure. You get a good steak, and some vegetables that might go with it - maybe broccoli, potatoes, corn, and carrots.

You go home, and you prepare your ingredients. You scour the web for some recipe tips, or if you're visual, then YouTube will do. Then you cook. You season here and there until it's so good for you. You think, "I made myself dinner and it's so good."

You travel. You go to the airport, and you carry your luggage - from the inspection counter, to the check-in counter, to the immigration counter. You wait in the departure area - listening to music, browsing your Instagram, or reading a book.

You get on the plane. You walk down the aisle and you go sit down. You sit for hours. You take a nap. You wake up and look around a bit. Then you get to your destination. Good. You take a taxi or a train to your destination. You take a taxi or a train to your hotel.

You arrive at your hotel. You unpack your things and lie down. You think about what you can do to maximize your trip.


Being single is a pain

I am in this situation. All my girlfriends are in a relationship, even with children, but I don't feel alone at all. I go to the gym, to the cinema, I belong to an association, I do sewing and even my own cosmetics. All this takes up a lot of my time

The problem is probably that you can't do things alone. Learn to appreciate solitude, instead of waiting to be in a couple to live. Dare to go see a movie alone, go for a walk alone... Join an association, you will be able to meet people. Don't wait for others to live your life.

Benefits of being single

Sometimes yes. For the freedom to do what you want when you want, no obligations, no constraints, see who you want, meet, flirt, and debrief with girlfriends. When you've been in a relationship for a long time, you don't have anything juicy to talk about. (Unless of course you have a dream life and a private jet.) This feeling of freedom and "no god and no master" makes me envious sometimes. And then I remember that :

I'm not eighteen anymore, time goes by and when you're single at a certain age, you just look like a brainiac who has a big flaw. So I couldn't care less, but what do you expect, I'm from generation Y, obsessed with other people's looks.

I have terrible memories of loneliness, bad choices, and neglect of myself. Like a little lost dog I panic, get anxious and run around looking for someone's illusory interest. (Yes, it's pitiful.) I don't know if I'm still like that because the years in a relationship have (quickly) passed. Alone, I sank into malaise and self-sabotage. And then, I was badly advised.

I don't know how to open glass jars. contact-form

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