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To invest in 2021, many products are available to you: financial investments, retirement savings, rental property investment... but also crypto currencies. Even with a high risk, the virtual currency continues to seduce investors who are betting on a rising market capitalization in 2021. Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Ripple: Tacotax guides you on the most promising crypto currencies!

Discover the best cryptocurrencies for trading

67% of retail investor accounts lose money trading CFDs


Besides the timeless Bitcoin, which crypto currencies should you invest in in 2021? To answer this question, it's interesting to look at the numbers this 2021 when it comes to these digital currencies:


Market capitalization

Number in circulation

Bitcoin (BTC)

760 billion euros

18,8 M

Ethereum (ETH)

340 billion euros

117 M

Ripple (XRP)

42 billion euros

46 billion

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

More than 10 billion euros

18,8 M

Tether (USDT)

58 billion euros

68 billion

Bitcoin SV (BSV)

2.6 billion euros

18,6 M

Litecoin (LTC)

More than 10 billion euros

66,7 M



These are the must-haves of the financial markets. Investing in crypto currencies means being prepared to lose the sums bet, that's a fact. The value of virtual currencies is extremely volatile, and can fall from one year, month or day to the next.

Nevertheless, if you want to invest in crypto currencies in the long or short term, the least risky thing to do will be to look at the market leaders. At the top of the list, it's impossible to miss Bitcoin (BTC), the first crypto currency to come into existence.

As a crypto currency, Bitcoin has already proven that it is perennial, and that its value should mechanically climb in the coming months. Indeed, from its inception, 21 million Bitcoins were expected, no more and no less. But, every four years, the production - called mining - of BTC is reduced ... by half! This inevitably leads to a difference between an ever-present demand and a declining supply, thus valuing Bitcoin.

Good news: May 2020 signs the new Bitcoin money creation reduction, which is called halving. Two previous changes have already taken place in 2012 and 2016, which resulted in a significant revaluation of this crypto asset. Can history repeat itself?

On its heels is Ethereum (ETH). After a very shaky 2019, this crypto asset's own blockchainethereumtechnology has enabled the creation of Decentralized Finance: the financial products of the future are innovating based on its system, propelling this crypto currency to the podium of must-have assets. Could the prince dethrone the king?



Several rather promising crypto currencies have emerged in recent years: investing part of your capital in them is a bet that could prove profitable in 2021! We mainly retain the following:

  • Tezos (XTZ): secured by the Proof-of-Stake system, money creation can earn up to 7% in a year. XTZ has not stopped climbing in 2019!
  • Cosmos (ATOM): powered by blockchain network technology, it is still in the experimental stage, but is very promising from a technical point of view.
  • Stellar Lumens (XLM): real-time transactions and international payments with minimal commissions.
  • Kleros (PNK): this token gives you a jury role in a decentralized court, allowing you to take advantage of conflicting parties. 2021 should be the year of its explosion with expected integrations.
  • MakerDAO (MKR, DAI): after three years of existence, the token has remained stable and is counting on 2021 to multiply and become the main currency within the Ethereum system.


For storage, Charlie Meraud, CEO and co-founder of Woorton, advises against leaving them with these intermediaries: "I recommend that anyone who wants to keep them for ten years keep them cold [offline]." With the BitGo or Vault applications, for example, on smartphones, or on Ledger or Safe-T USB keys. However, there is a risk of losing the key.

But there is the possibility of finding his funds through a secret phrase. However, if this password is also lost, the assets are permanently lost. In any case, an investment in a cryptocurrency, bitcoin or otherwise, carries a high risk of capital loss. "For those who want to enter the market, there is no question: start with bitcoin," says Manuel Valente, director of research at Coinhouse. Anything beyond bitcoin or ether is more complex and speculative, even ripple [the market's fourth largest capitalization]." Nevertheless, ripple offers a good illustration of the asset-specific value propositions that are important to know before making a choice. Here's a review of the three major cryptocurrencies.



Bitcoin wanted to become a decentralized currency and a means of payment, and it is winning its bet: in France, bars and several stores (the website lists hundreds of them) accept it at checkout. The computer publisher P.O.S made a big splash in September 2019 by announcing that it would allow 25,000 points of sale (including mass retail) in France to accept bitcoins.

In reality, this will be an option of its payment software, but the decision will remain at the discretion of the establishments.



The Ethereum blockchain has the particularity of being able to create smart contracts between buyers and sellers: "With the ether [the Ethereum token], I can make transactions with conditions," says Manuel Valente. For example: "Only pay the money if PSG wins their match." This therefore requires a trusted third party, an "oracle", which indicates on the blockchain whether or not the condition has been met: the PSG website, in our example, or a notary.



"Ripple [the precise name of the token being XRP], unlike the first two, is not decentralized," emphasizes Manuel Valente.

This cryptocurrency is managed by the company of the same name, which also controls the list of individuals authorized to validate transactions. It is a kind of "proof of authority", while the first two work with a "proof of work", which allows anyone to mine.



If you're just starting out, go through a player based in the European Union, or even France, for that matter, and don't venture further than bitcoin and ether.

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