Steps help you make the right financing plan for your business 🤑💸💸

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What is financing plan?
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The financing plan is one of the most important tables in a company's financial forecast. It lists all the financial needs of the project to be launched and the resources provided. The financing plan thus makes it possible to ensure the financial balance of the project. It is moreover a data, which is studied with attention in the event of request for financing near a banking organization. The financing plan is also compulsory in the case of business creation.


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Finance plan for companies

The financing plan: a key table for the company

The financing plan is an essential tool for the company, at the time of its creation, as well as over a longer term of 3 or 7 years. A table made up of two columns allows you to ensure the financial balance of a project. The first column lists the needs necessary to launch the project and the second shows the resources that the company has at its disposal to finance them. The excess of resources over needs forms the available cash. In a financing plan, needs are called "uses" and resources are called "resources".


A key table, the financing plan makes it possible to evaluate the amount of the project, to identify the partners to be mobilized and to identify the amount of their participation and finally to know the amount of a bank loan or a capital investment. The financing plan is the first step in the financial forecast and defines the company's financing strategy.


Building a financing plan

The construction of an initial financing plan requires the identification of the necessary jobs and resources.

Identify the jobs in a provisional financing plan

Financing needs are made up of all the sums "disbursed" by the company and in particular by tangible fixed assets (equipment and tools of the company such as computers, furniture, vehicles, etc.), intangible fixed assets (start-up costs, research and development costs, patents, goodwill, etc.) and financial fixed assets (guarantee deposits, deposits, etc.), loan repayments, repayments of partners' current accounts and changes in working capital requirements.


Identify the resources in a provisional financing plan

In order to finance the uses mentioned above, it is necessary to list all the adequate resources. These can be made up of a personal or collaborative contribution, in the current account, capital or in kind, loans from credit institutions, subsidies, and self-financing capacity, or so-called alternative resources.


The multi-year financing plan

The multi-year financing plan is the logical continuation of the initial financing plan. It is usually based on three years. Even if the presentation is identical, this financing plan will have to integrate new elements in each of the two categories. This can be the annual repayment of the loan, the distribution of dividends, new investments made, new capital contributions or current account of partners, the self-financing capacity due to the results of the financial years, the variation of the need for working capital...

An important tool in the creation of a company, as well as after the launch of the activity, the financing plan is an integral part of the financial part of the company. It is as important for VSEs and SMEs as for large companies. This is why it is necessary to include it in the financing and investment strategy as well as in the business model of the company. It is also important not to underestimate financing needs and not to include resources for which there is no certainty.

The financing plan is a complementary analysis tool to the income statements, balance sheets and cash flow forecasts.

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