Get the Money, then Get the Woman [ 5 profitable projects to start in Morocco 2021]


I love Morocco! It's a country I visit quite often, and that I discovered thanks to my girlfriend. It's a good place to live, and it's a good place to do business because when you go there, you get the impression that business opportunities abound. There is a good entrepreneurial dynamic whether in Casa, Agadir, Marrakech or elsewhere; and I am sure that the level of taxation lower than that found in France, will not displease you! However, you still need to find the right business idea, which will make you a successful entrepreneur. And you still have to be ready to face the difficulties you will encounter. Here, I will present you 5 different and original business ideas that you can launch in the region.

Best ideas for projects.
Most profitable ideas for businesses in Morocco
Profit-making projects fast and easy.

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Best worthful projects you can open in Morocco



1. Organize Instagram tours

This type of business is growing more and more in areas with beautiful landscapes. No need for a huge budget, just an insta, a blog and one or more vehicles to transport your customers. Ps: most contractors don't even have a website or insta and work only with word of mouth and small arrangements with contractors in the area: I send you clients and you send me some too. I'll explain the concept: you just need to keep an Instagram account and a blog dedicated to travel. Then, you need to present pretty instagrammable places by offering your audience to visit them in the form of an Instagram Tour. It's up to you to organize their visits by planning tours that they will remember for the rest of their lives.


2. Short-term rental

You have a relative who has a house or you yourself have built in the area, put it for rent on Airbnb. I know what you're probably thinking: "But Xavier, building is already more of a small project! And you're right, it requires a certain budget, if you're not from the country, you need to know someone who is and how to avoid the hassle of building. But I repeat, you do not need to have your own home, you can be a simple intermediary who allows your friends to rent their home or part of it for a short time.


3. Freelancing/consulting

You know, there are a lot of big Moroccan companies, from the Emirates or from other regions of Africa that are established in the territory. And they work with more and more consultants with a wide range of skills. There are also a lot of small businesses that are turning to digital and need to make the transition for example. You have an expertise, or you want to start in a branch, why not do it in Morocco?


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4. Become a wedding planner

I don't have the number of non-resident weddings that are organized in Morocco, but I'm sure there are many. You know, there are couples from all over the world who dream of organizing their wedding in a Maghreb country. The oriental side, dreaming (one thousand and one night) and also some cultural reasons are part of the motivations that push some couples to organize their wedding in the region. Why not offer your services. You will just have to be able to respect the requirements of your future customers and to make this day the most beautiful of their life.


5. Create an online shop for Souk items

There is no doubt that what is sold in the various Souks of Morocco appeal to tourists from all over the world. So why not reference some of these objects while taking care to remain in a precise niche. The goal here is to allow the tourist who would have the nostalgia of the country, or who would have lost or damaged a souvenir bought there; ben to repurchase the same one on your site without having to move until Morocco. It's quick and practical, and will allow you to make people happy and to alleviate the problem we all have when we buy a souvenir that doesn't last or that we lose just a few days after returning home lol. 

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